Welcome, adventurers, to Parvum, a subcontinent of the world known as Orbis. It’s pretty standard fantasy, dungeons and dragons abound, but I aim to make it fun.

A Little Bit About Parvum

If you’d like to know more about the world, feel free to look over the wiki. If something seems to be missing, let me know and I’ll make something up and add it. What doesn’t seem to fit on those pages, I will add here.

Here is a map, if you want to take a look at it: Map of Parvum
To the north of the shown local map is a region of mountains and tundra, while to the northeast is a great desert (stretching from an arctic desert farther north to a regular old sand desert in the southeast). South of the great desert is mountain range, on the other side of which sits a large jungle infested with great lizards.

To the south is a lot of murky marshland (which was once fertile valleys), and to the southwest is more of the Imperium (how far the Imperium stretches is unknown).

Tech Level

The Technology Level of Parvum has stayed relatively constant for several thousand years of civilization. Technology varies across Orbis, but the most advanced nation is not far ahead of Parvum. The reason for this is magic; the prevalence of arcane and divine power in the world makes a lot of things very easy that would be hard without it. Without need for better tools and faster methods, technology has remained static nearly since the Imperium first formed.

Although basic tools have become stronger and stronger, the people of Parvum have not discovered the merits of steam power. Gunpowder does exist, but it was first made by curious individuals in Alterim. They were thrown in prison for the damage their “firepowder” did to the capital city of Evaleon.


While in the civilized regions of Parvum, there are a number of races (and their various subraces) that you might encounter. A brief list follows; this is not exhaustive. There are many other races you might encounter, these are just the most common ones. The other races make up less than 1% of the population of Evaleon’s, Niurat’s, or the Turagen Frontier’s population.

  • Humans
  • Elves 1
  • Dwarves2
  • Halflings
  • Gnomes
  • Half-Elves
  • Half-Orcs
  • Sharakim5
  • Kobolds4 [Rare]
  • Satyrs6 [Rare]
  • Aasimar5 [Rare]
  • Tiefling5 [Rare]
  • Catfolk3
  • Spellscales4 [Rare]
  • Illumians 5

1 Excepting Drow and Wild Elves

2 Excepting Duergar; Deep Dwarves are an extremely rare encounter.

3 See Races of the Wild

4 See Races of the Dragon

5 See Races of Destiny

6 See Monster Manual

Character Creation

Crunchy stuff

I’m going to start you all off at ECL 3, and won’t be picky about race. The societies of Parvum are fairly integrated for the most part, and prejudice is infrequent. Except against those damn dirty orcs (half orcs and Sharakim are okay). There are even the occasional Tiefling and Aasimar mingling with the rabble.

Though most of Parvum is integrated, some races live differently and have their own settlements. For example, Gnomish warrens are not a suitable place for humans to live, nor are the halfling homes in the hilly fields. Dwarves are more common near the mountains, and elves are more common near forests.

Hard stuff:
Level: ECL 3
Race: Just about any but orc, Max Level Adjustment +1.
Class: Any core.
Abilities: 5d6, take the highest 3; reroll 1s.
Alignment: Not evil.
HP: Max first and second level, either roll for 3rd level or take average.
Traits: 2 traits are allowed from Unearthed Arcana
Gold/Equipment: Standard (2,700gp). No more than 1/2 wealth can be spent on equipment.

It’s so Fluffy!

I’d like a backstory. It doesn’t have to be intricate. I ask at least these things:

  • Where you’re from
  • Why you’re adventuring (how’d you get started? Why do you keep doing it?)
  • Immediate Family: Parents, Siblings, Close friends… Enemies?

More than that would be appreciated, but I won’t require it. However, you will be starting on a caravan travelling from Izan (a port city in Evaleon) to Populus, the capital city of Niurat, traveling through several villages along the way. I also need to know why you were in Izan, and why you are heading to Populus.

For example: Many on the caravan are leaving due to rumors of pirate assaults along the coast.

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